Yasser Almaamoun – Goethe Institut

Yasser Almaamoun - Goethe Institut

After several months of research and exchanges in the week between the 5th and 11th November 2018, Yasser Almaamoun’s residence closed with an exhibition / event. Architect and Syrian activist who lives and works in Berlin, his residence has been part of the Freiraum project, of the Goethe Institut, which involves 38 artists living in Europe to investigate the meaning of the idea of freedom. Curated by the Goethe-Institut of Naples, his research, inspired by the artistic video created for the alleys of the center of Naples by Bianco-Valente and Andrea Valentino, studies how the bodies move within the urban space, in the areas already investigated by Bianco-Valente and Fabio Landolfo, to propose solutions for urban-architectural change and trigger a debate on how we organize our living space.