On July the 5th at 11.00 am and 7th at 5.00pm we will host the RealFake show.
RealFake is an interdisciplinary project which dramaturgy uses performative and audio /video languages to talk about reality against fiction (artifice) and media-information manipulation.
This project was born in 2016 and is inspired by the idea of Andrea Kunkl with the collaboration of Raffaella Menchetti, the projekt was about “Fake interview” in the street, in Milan and Rome. Andrea and Raffaella interviewed various person in the street, targeting the issues of the news and manipulating them to see the reaction and the opinion of the people casually met on the street.
The result was surprising, do interviewing with a camera gave complete legitimacy to the false information (up to the limits of the absurd).
After this study Raffaella Menchetti and Clara Cirera decided to continue this research and reflection on the “artifice of the Reality”.
Through residences of performative and participatory research, an installation-performance device will be created, with the aim of showing live the manipulative artifice of the media in relation to immigration.
ALTOFEST is a project promoting culture as an essential element for the development of a territory and of its inhabitants. A festival made in collaboration with citizens from different areas of Naples and national and international organizations.
ALTOFEST is the home of shared new art practices, were every tearing down every possible wall between scene and audience, seeding beauty, letting the horizons bloom, inhabiting the wonder. During these last years we chose to give to the city our time, our money, our skills and knowledge.


Jul 05 2019



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