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Action by Simona Da Pozzo at Corpo di Napoli part of the Hacking Monuments project

curated by Marco Izzolino

scheduled for September 22nd, when tourists sleep.

Indefinite duration.

Hacking Monuments is the research with which Simona Da Pozzo recycles monuments in ephemeral works: impromptu protocols of subversion of hierarchies through which the work continues to live in public space only in the body of the user, as speech, multiplication of connections or new attitudes.

The action of 22 September at the Corps of Naples is an ephemeral intervention, a prolonged en-air observation on the relationship between the Nile and the passers-by, a study on the ways of “Supporting the gaze”



Sep 22 2019


All of the day


Statua del Dio Nilo
Via Nilo, 26, 80134 Napoli NA

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