Conversazioni Domestiche per Azioni Pubbliche #2 Borders – Shahram Khosravi

Shahram Khosravi, an anthropologist whose research focuses, through his personal experience, on borders and temporality, will be the protagonist of Borders.
He is author, among others, of the book “I am border”, in which he reflected on the physical and imaginary nature of borders.

Borders is the second event in the series of meetings Conversazioni Domestiche per Azioni Pubbliche, promoted by Ex-Voto, embraced by SuperOtium and with the special collaboration of Cooperativa Casba for this event.

Borders will be an open interview with Khosravi where we will address the theme of borders, understood in all its meanings of identity, geography, nationality, belonging and gender. Through Khosravi’s experience and that of the participants we will explore how this theme becomes central in the development of new models of cities, in artistic research and production, and in social transformation.

On the occasion of the meeting, What Makes You Feel At Home? will be activated, a device through which Nicola Ciancio invites people to share what makes them feel at home, in order to build a collective anthem. The project was born in 2020 as part of the ‘State of the City’ residency in Rotterdam.

Thanks to the collaboration with Casba, Shahram Khosravi will be involved in an intensive micro-residency that will lead him to explore the places and people involved in the cooperative’s projects, allowing him to gain other perspectives on the city and its inhabitants.
Khosravi’s presence in Naples will also be the occasion for further discussions, in the morning at the Centre for Post-Colonial Studies of the University Orientale and other activities to be defined.

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May 03 2023