Naples is often portrayed with stereotypes that simplify its multi-faceted nature and prevent newcomers from perceiving the complexity of this city. For this reason, and in line with the identity and interest of those who experience it daily, we depict and convey a contemporary, innovative, continuously evolving Naples. A city which is tied to a strong and clear identity that all its inhabitants feel strongly about, but nonetheless remains constantly perched between tradition and evolution, an “open-air” museum of the real and immaterial which speaks a popular language to relate to the contemporary age. A city which, even when its beauty turns it into a leading tourist attraction, never yields to becoming a glossy postcard, but stays true to itself and to its thousand contradictions.
And therefore, through cultural activities, events and its receptive structure, SuperOtium offers new points of view and perspectives to admire Naples and its surroundings, and to stimulate the possibility of building new meanings around what we observe every day. The context is the journey, which gives us a chance to observe things from different angles, to make new experiences and encounter new cultures. The tool is the encounter between individuals, a steadfast exchange and dialogue between travelers, artists, curators and creative talents in residence, local artists, curators and creative talents, and the museums and independent bodies and organizations working with culture and creativity which share this vision.

Residency program

The program of art residencies at SuperOtium was conceived to support Naples’ natural inclination to be a place of inspiration for new creative and artistic projects. Our interest lies in making these views hybrid, acting as a link between different points of view to create new tales of the city.
The residency theme is the point of view and how artistic and creative practices can act upon it. The context is the journey and the condition by which, as we exit our daily lives, we open up to the discovery of whatever is different or simply unknown.
Our program for artists and creative talents is articulated into several calls found below. The calls are periodically updated as we establish new partnerships and objectives. Some calls focus on research and others on production.

We ask all artists and creatives in residence to interact with the city trying to observe it from unusual points of view and to speak with our guests to discuss their work and their views on the city or to leaving a trace of their passage with, for instance, a work on consignment. Throughout their stay the SuperOtium team commits to providing them with different keys to access the city and aids them in their search for encounters, places, information and suppliers and anything else they may need to develop their research project.

Fill out this form to send us a request to participate in one of our calls.

describe in max 500 characters because Naples is interested in your search
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By submitting this form you authorize us to process your personal data pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. These data will be processed in compliance with the safeguards required by current legislation in terms of privacy, and will be used solely for the purpose of providing the service requested and will not be disclosed to third parties.



September 2021

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Artists in residence


The first residency at SuperOtium welcomed Hypereden, a collective of architects, designers and installation designers who curated the interior design project for SuperOtium. A refurbishing project with a strong focus on detail and on the recovery of its nature and surroundings which made SuperOtium into a perfect place to combine traditional hospitality with events, exhibitions, dinners with artists, workshops, and more. The interior decoration, conceived and executed by Hypereden, sought to find a mediation between the the feeling of being elsewhere and the search for the familiar, which is the typical connotation of the traveler. Its goal is therefore to offer a type of hospitality capable of creating a sense of belonging but at the same time turning the stay into an emotional and personal experience.

Gianluca Panareo

As a cultural partner of the project Aperture designed by Riot Studio and Tecnosistem with the aim of inviting contemporary artists to reinterpret the city’s bond with historical and culturally significant locations, SuperOtium hosted Gianluca Panareo as an in-residence guest. Panareo is the author of the performative installation “Memini” curated by Marco Izzolino, and his residency coincided with SuperOtium’s inauguration. By working closely with the artist, the curator, and Riot, we were able to experiment our residency format and explore how we could create a dialogue between it and Naples. “Memini” is structured as a path, a Dantesque ascent through the characteristic aspects of the city, from the darkest and most infernal to the most sublime and enlightened. An investigation centered on the city, on its intrinsic characteristics that make this city unique, alive, volcanic, resistant to gentrification and depersonalization.

Kensuke Koike

Part of SuperOtium’s art residencies program, in collaboration with Ciocca Arte Contemporanea and in conjunction with the new call for art residencies, Kensuke Koike will be our guest from May 2 to 14, 2018. Kensuke is a Japanese artist who uses the analogical and visually illusive re-elaboration of images taken from postcards, photos, magazines to induce the observer to question his sense of reality. Kensuke uses paper to create sculptures which disregard the sense of the third dimension undermining the stability of the observer’s visual imagination. By means of a meticulous and highly accurate process, he transforms real images by cutting them into pieces and repositioning them in a plausible design within the same image to imbue it with new meanings.
The choice of inviting Kensuke in residency is based on the strong coherence between his work and the theme underlying the residency calls to be launched in mid-May, which will be focused on the exploration of the point of view. The idea is to lead artists and guests to reflect upon the possible new perspectives from and through which Naples can be observed.

Yasser Almaamoun - Goethe Institut

After several months of research and exchanges in the week between the 5th and 11th November 2018, Yasser Almaamoun’s residence closed with an exhibition / event. Architect and Syrian activist who lives and works in Berlin, his residence has been part of the Freiraum project, of the Goethe Institut, which involves 38 artists living in Europe to investigate the meaning of the idea of freedom. Curated by the Goethe-Institut of Naples, his research, inspired by the artistic video created for the alleys of the center of Naples by Bianco-Valente and Andrea Valentino, studies how the bodies move within the urban space, in the areas already investigated by Bianco-Valente and Fabio Landolfo, to propose solutions for urban-architectural change and trigger a debate on how we organize our living space.

Blase - ShowDesk

From the 6th to the 23rd of October 2018, as part of the ShowDesk artistic residency program, we have hosted the french artist Blase. He is presented as the “hacker-painter”. He works with old canvases, modifies them, distort them and transform them. His anachronistic game confuses the viewer by creating a visual short circuit. Blase’s goal is above all to denounce the corrupt aspects of a consummated society with sarcasm. During his residency he has worked on the creation of an out-of-the-ordinary exhibition. A complex exhibition project that aims to promote the territory through the dissemination of works in the urban and institutional context. Blase completely subverts the residency project by bending the realization and the final result, as it happens in his works.

Khaled El Mays - EDIT Napoli

On September 2018 SuperOtium hosted, as part of the residency program of EDIT Napoli, Khaled El Mays, designer from Lebanon which design practice pays close attention to the material and celebrate the importance of the process. EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair in Napoli created to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designers who is ate forefront of a movement that is challenging the traditional chain of production and distribution.

Nuvola Ravera - Soap Opera

In February 2019, on the occasion of the new exhibition SoapOpera, we had the artist Nuvola Ravera in residence. The work realized by Nuvola in collaboration with the arch. Giuseppe Ricupero and curated by Chiara Pirozzi, inaugurated on February 15 with a site-specific project realized for and in the new Lab.Oratorio space that the Fondazione Made in Cloister (client of the project) dedicates to research, experimentation and exhibition of the young contemporary art scene. The exhibition is realized thanks to the support of Mibac and @siae within the initiative “Sillumina – copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”.

Massimo Uberti + Rossana Ciocca

Part of SuperOtium’s art residencies program from 17 to 25 March 2019, in the company of Rossana Ciocca (ArtCity Lab), our next guest artist will be Massimo Uberti. During his residency the artist will work on “Doors” a public art project conceived by Massimo Uberti in collaboration with ArtCityLab. The project envisages the establishment of an abstract entrance door, permanently painted on the wall of a building near the port. The port is the place that can accommodate, as in the past, the “habitation” of different ideas and cultures. The “door” will be made like a mural, but using an exceptional material such as gold leaf.

Pietro Gaglianò

After inviting and hostig several artists and designers, as part of the residency program curated by SuperOtium, from 6 to 20 May 2019 is the time of the independent art critic Pietro Gaglianó. His research focuses on the line of individual liberties, the aesthetics of power, the subversive capacity of critical thinking and artistic work. During his residence Pietro Gaglianò will deepen the knowledge of the places and the people involved in the contemporary scene in Naples in conjunction with the writing of his new book on the relationship between art and time. The residence of Gaglianó will also be the occasion to participate in the open workshop “Il tempo dell’arte”, part of the program Incontri SENSazionALI, on the 14th of May from 4.00 pm, at the end of which, at 7.30 pm, a lectio brevis held by the same Gaglianò. The residence of Gaglianò confirms the aim of SuperOtium of creating new opportunities of encounter and hybridizing visions and points of view.


From the 25th to 30th of June for a first visit, we will have in residence two of the realities that take care of the project Camouflage: Visual Container and Ex-Voto. They will be at SuperOtium to develop the Neapolitan episode of the project for the coming winter, to which we will collaborate in its realization.
The residence will also be the occasion to exhibit the project on June the 26th at the Riot Studio with a selection of videos that have been part of the project and two special guests.
Camouflage starts from the very definition of the term (1 Hide the true appearance of someone with a disguise; 2 fig. Make something appear different from what it really is) to enhance the research of the performative dimension of producing images in the process of making the video.
Born in 2014 in Vegapunk and curated by the three artists Marisol Malatesta, Simona Da Pozzo and Alessandra Arnò, the project is the result of collaboration between Ex-Voto (Association for Radical Public Culture), VisualcontainerTV International Videoart WebTV, #Tilde, Arts University Bournemouth , Viafarini and NON Riservato.

Altofest - Menchetti/Cirera/Serrano

This year, as partner of the ALTOFEST project, we will have as artist in residence, from the 27th of June to the 7th of July the artist trio Menchetti/Cirera/Serrano working on their project RealFake.
During their stay the 3 artists will interact with SuperOtium, its guests, the town and its inhabitants, to realize a new edition of the project with 2 shows on the 5th and 7th of July (LINK A EVENTO).
RealFake is an interdisciplinary project born in 2016 interviewing various person in the street, targeting the issues of the news and manipulating them to see the reaction and the opinion of the people casually met on the street. Do interviewing with a camera gave complete legitimacy to the false information (up to the limits of the absurd). Through residences of performative and participatory research, an installation-performance device will be created, with the aim of showing live the manipulative artifice of the media in relation to immigration.
ALTOFEST is a project promoting culture as an essential element for the development of a territory and of its inhabitants. A festival made in collaboration with citizens from different areas of Naples and national and international organizations.
ALTOFEST is the home of shared new art practices, were every tearing down every possible wall between scene and audience, seeding beauty, letting the horizons bloom, inhabiting the wonder. During these last years we chose to give to the city our time, our money, our skills and knowledge.

Bianca Felicori - Forgotten Architecture

On the occasion of OpenHouse 2019 we invited Bianca Felicori, journalist, communication expert and, among others, creator of the Forgotten Architecture project, to a micro-residence.

The residence becomes an opportunity for Bianca to guide us to the discovery of a great shared archive of Forgotten Architecture together with other guests.

In fact, on the occasion of the residence there will be an informal meeting to enlarge the map and deepen the already mapped places.

Forgotten Architecture has no pre-established rules, but above all it is a project of pure and genuine sharing. The group starts from a first interpretation of the term: Forgotten should not be misunderstood as abandoned or poorly maintained, but has various nuances. Forgotten is the architecture of a great forgotten master, is the work of a minor architect never considered, is the small church of the archistar never studied at university and so on.

Emilija Škarnulytė

Starting from the 21st of September 2020 till the 21st of October 2020, in collaboration with the Lithuanian Culture Institute, we will host in residency Emilija Škarnulytė (b. Vilnius, Lithuania 1987) nomadic artist and filmmaker.

Working between documentary and the imaginary, Škarnulytė makes films and immersive installations exploring deep time and invisible structures, from the cosmic and geologic to the ecological and political. Her blind grandmother gently touches the weathered statue of a Soviet dictator. Neutrino detectors and particular colliders measure the cosmos with otherworldly architecture. Post-human species swim through submarine tunnels above the Arctic Circle and crawl through tectonic fault lines in the Middle Eastern desert.

Winner of the 2019 Future Generation Art Prize, Škarnulytė represented Lithuania at the XXII Triennale di Milano and was included in the Baltic Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture. With solo exhibitions at CAC, Vilnius in 2015 and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin in 2017, she has participated in group shows at Ballroom Marfa, Seoul Museum of Art, Kadist Foundation, and the First Riga Biennial. Her numerous prizes include the Kino der Kunst Project Award, Munich (2017); Spare Bank Foundation DNB Artist Award (2017), and the National Lithuanian Art Prize for Young Artists (2016). She received an undergraduate degree from the Brera Academy of Art in Milan and holds a masters from the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art.

Her films have been screened at the Serpentine Gallery, UK, the Centre Pompidou, France and in numerous film festivals including in Rotterdam, Busan, and Oberhausen. She is a founder and currently co-directs Polar Film Lab, a collective for analogue film practice located in Tromsø, Norway and is a member of artist duo New Mineral Collective, recently commissioned for new work by the First Toronto Biennial.

During the residency,

During the residency, Emilija will explore the underwater and underground Naples for the production of her latest project and will present her works through studio visits and a round table.

Souvenirs, Napoli
Giovanna Silva in dialogue with Lorenzo Xiques

SuperOtium is pleased to announce
Souvenirs, Naples
Giovanna Silva in dialogue with Lorenzo Xiques

the first artist residency of the year 2021 in the spaces of SuperOtium which will take place from 15 to 28 February 2021.

A year after the first lockdown taken in Italy due to the coronavirus emergency, photographer Giovanna Silva returns to Naples, the fourth stop after Milan, Genoa and Rome, for a residency to rediscover a city proud of its architectural and urbanistic charm, and at the same time protagonist of a change that is marking the way of life and crossing all those metropolises with the highest population density in Italy.

“Since I can no longer travel abroad, I am considering a book that combines my architectural walks through the cities of Italy.
My interest is architectural, but also exploratory and performative; I take photos with my i-phone, not for lack of a camera, but precisely because the i-phone allows you to be more discreet and immediate.
I take photographs following the paths and advice of the people I interview, creating and following a ‘map’ of stories that allow me to get to know the city better.”

The “stories to be told about the city of Naples”, due to the ambivalent way in which it is often perceived and enjoyed by those who visit and live there, is one of the themes that has fascinated Lorenzo Xiques in recent years, a young curator and queer activist in the Naples area, whose latest exhibition “Vendi Napoli e poi Muori” inspired by the novel of the same name by Gennaro Ascione” held at Galleria Fonti.

“The way of crossing and living the city, in particular that of Naples, is very different depending on whether you are a queer person or a member of the cisgender society.
Queer communities, or in general those oppressed by the patriarchal system, have always had to identify and create “SAFE” places and paths where they can freely live their identities. These are places and stories that are often not beaten (neither on the road nor on the typewriter) by the people who arrive on the territory, as they are hidden places by their nature or because they are deliberately censored.”

The meeting between Giovanna Silva and Lorenzo Xiques will become the occasion for a research laboratory that will send the two actors on an advance scouting trip through the city of Naples, in search of places and stories – in a period marked by the restrictions due to the “yellow zone” imposed by the DPCM – and of new suggestions and revelations useful for the restitution of a “map” in images of the post-pandemic city.

The year 2020-21, the year of the pandemic, will be remembered above all for its images, and their ability to tell the stories – or the silences – that marked it.

The completed project will be presented on 27 February at 4 pm at the end of the artist’s residency.

During the residency it will be possible to meet Giovanna Silva by booking a studio visit.

Grand Tour en Italie | Napoli

Grand Tour en Italie, an itinerant artist residency program, conceived and curated by Susanna Ravelli and Michela Eremita, which involves mid-career artists to reflect on the themes of travel and migration, lands in Naples, in collaboration with SuperOtium and with exceptional partners such as MANN, National Archaeological Museum of Naples, MetroArt / ANM Naples, Migrantour, the Center for Postcolonial and Gender Studies and the MAM Research Group Mediterranean archives of the University of Naples “L’Orientale”.

The residence is developed with the collaboration of SuperOtium, which, as a residence space, will host the artists, will be a study / laboratory of their work and will contribute to the construction of the Neapolitan edition program.

The Neapolitan stage of the project is inspired by the Grand Tour, intended as a practice of training and artistic production in the footsteps of the tradition of travel made by intellectuals and artists between 700 and 800.
The themes related to the exploration of unknown places thus become an opportunity for meeting and migrating acquires a positive connotation, becoming synonymous with exchange, that intertwining with the different that leads to an enrichment and expansion of knowledge. The intent is to narrate Italy through the gaze of some selected artists and artists who, through their work which consists in the creation of a real travel diary, express the impressions received by a specific geographical area with its people, its culture and its historical – artistic heritage.

The protagonists of this residence, all female, are: Simona Da Pozzo, Serena Fineschi, Stefania Mazzola.
The artists will take advantage of the residence and meeting with the realities of the Neapolitan city to create new works, in the form of an in-progress project with drawings, images, sculptures and artist notebooks.

The visiting artists will be joined by the visiting artists: Maura Banfo, Sophie Ko, Valeria Manzi, Concetta Modica, in addition to the contribution of Giuseppina Giordano in correspondence with Japan.

The residence, which will begin on March 8 and will engage the artists in a series of workshops and meetings that will end on March 14 with a special white night.

The traces of the work produced during the residency will find space, thanks to the collaboration with MetroArt / ANM of Naples, in four advertising spaces in as many subway stops in dialogue with the design of the art stations. A preview of what will then be the final exhibition.


Our home gallery is enriched with every encounter, residency and collaboration with works on consignment or for viewing. The common denominator between all the selected works is the attempt to stimulate the observer to search for new perspectives from which to contemplate Naples and more.


Author: Gianluca Panareo

The five photographs constitute the final – but not conclusive – act of an artistic research experience that took place in Naples during the first half of 2017. It was a project, titled MEMINI, conceived by the artist Gianluca Panareo, which was part of the first pilot and experimental act of an artistic event called APERTURE. This event, designed by Riot Studio in Naples, has been designed to trace unpublished paths in the city of Naples through the eyes of artists and their peaceful invasion of historical (or culturally significant) spaces with site-specific interventions able to attract citizens and visitors for visit them with “new eyes”.
To know more:

Portable ground

Author: Simona Da Pozzo

photography, Mis UT7 carbon print on Hahnemuhle Pearl 320g paper mounted on aluminum |edition 1/5 | dimensions: 75×120 cm.
Pau> Paris > Milan is part of Portable Grounds project that Simona Da Pozzo runs since 2009. She shifts pieces of ground from a place to an other to build Ubiquity Access Points: little portions of somewhere else, spots enabling passers-by to be in different places at the same time. The passers-by are called to interact with the Portable Ground during its displacements: the artist ask people to help her caring the Portable Ground and sharing the “weight of belongin”, thus opens reflections on issues, such as feeling foreign, the concept of frontier and citizenship. A transparent container shows the composition of the ground (asphalt) and the coordinates of its original location, allowing for a constant re-contextualization of the object and reinterpretation.
Pau>Paris>Milan is a pic realized in the frame of this intervention and outlines the contrast between soil, as a here and now, and horizon as weltanschauung.

Little Gatekeeper

Author: Kensuke Koike

Little Gatekeeper – 2013 – switched vintage photo – 11.5 x 7 cm – ©Kensuke Koike
Little gatekeeper (small gate guardian) portrays a child who practices the art of the guardian of a dimensional door. The work is born from the idea of a world where there are various dimensional doors for other worlds guarded by as many guardians who help to pass them. This work expresses clearly and ironically Kensuke’s thought – “When you have an image you have all of them” – where the doors allow you to move from an image to its infinite transformations. In the work of this work, respecting the rule to include only elements already present in the image with analogue cut and paste, Kensuke has sought the way out of the rectangle thus creating the circular element that escaping from the image can include the vacuum in full.

Un Maiale e un Elefante

Author: Isotta Bellomunno

A pig and an elephant – 100 numbered and signed copies
“A pig and an elephant” is a collection of dreams, stories and personal thoughts. Sixty brightly colored tables that do not need words so that everyone can rediscover themselves in one of the characters, recognizing in their actions, their own story, their own life. Stories made of aggression, complex relationships, and communication difficulties, but at the end, they always have a happy ending.


Author: Kensuke Koike

Masquerade – 2014 – switched vintage photo – 13.5 x 8.5 cm
Masquerade (masked) constructs a mask that covers the face of the person portrayed in the image. This mask not only hides the face but alters the physiognomy of the person completely. Behind the photo, however, there are traces of its true identity as the mask is created by cutting and reversing the front and back of a portion of the image. A transformation that, by hiding a part of the body, makes a “normal” person “strange”. Through the geometric research, the perspective and the shadows the normal physiognomy of the people is hidden. A partial censorship, such as that practiced by mass media communication, that manages to transform the perception of reality ..

It Doesn’t Matter

Author: Blase

It Doesn’t Matter
Oil on canvas
H 95 cm L 82 cm
Blase (1980 Paris, France) is presented as the “hacker-painter”. He works with old canvases, modifies them, distort them and transform them. His anachronistic game confuses the viewer by creating a visual short circuit. Through his experience and methods, Blase has gained an important reputation in the traditional art market, but his work is firmly contemporary. These radically conflicting worlds, so often closed to one another, are interconnected. His actions are always subtle and respectful of classical restoration protocols. Blase injects a new level of complexity to the time/image relationship that asks questions and eventually imposes a different perspective. Thanks to his radical methods he finds no difficulty in transmitting his strong message. Blase’s goal is above all to denounce the corrupt aspects of a consummated society with sarcasm. With the reappropriation of old paintings, Blase at the same time exalts and rejects the culture of “image”.

Stay with Me

Author: blase

Oil on canvas
60cm x 45cm

God Damned Pigeons

Author: Blase

Oil on canvas
H 56cm L 47cm


Author: Blase

numerated copy printed on paper
of the original oil on canvas
2.75 m x 2.11 m


Discover our activities designed to discover Naples through its sites, itineraries, activities, and through the eyes of the locals who experience it every day and will make your journey truly special

The Insider Path

A cura di: In Side Here

The Insider Path is a journey “adrift”, designed while keeping in mind the needs, curiosities and interests of the visitor, never following a fixed itinerary – only vague points of reference. The itinerary takes shape along the way and becomes a special way of getting acquainted with the city. “Tell me what you like and I’ll lead you”, this is the philosophy behind the walk which will guide visitors through the discovery of places dear to those who inhabit and study the city. Art galleries and studios; clubs and hidden museums; ethnic restaurants; fast food places, and untraditional traditions are just some of the input you can use to start discovering a Naples you didn’t think existed. For information and booking

Artistic Paths

A cura di: In Side Here

Artistic Paths are itineraries resulting from the longstanding project Nomicosecittà, which for the past four years has guided numerous groups of people on the discovery of the city of Naples through a privileged perspective – the perspective of several artists who have chosen to live and work here. The material and work collected through the years allowed us to build a series of itineraries that lead the visitor to unusual locations throughout the city, all related to the life and imagination of the various important artists who operate in it. For information and booking

Itinerario Food&Art

A cura di: In Side Here

Food is one of the most immediate representations of a population’s culture. A community’s culinary habits are a cultural product just as much as its artistic heritage. Visiting a monument savoring typical products is one of the most effective and fascinating ways to explore a city. With this purpose Food&Art was born, an itinerary which emphasizes our culinary and artistic heritage. The itinerary was designed to associate every monument visited in a specific area to a tasty typical local dish. For information and booking

Your own souvenir

A cura di: SMMAVE

In the fantastic setting of SMMAVE, a center for contemporary art located inside the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini (from 1730 – with an underground area dating back to 1530), SMMAVE’s artists will host a sculpture workshop. After a visit inside the church, its underground, and a brief theoretical introduction, participants will be invited to create their own souvenir. Each group will work on a customized theme. For information and booking

Cooking class

A cura di: Gusto Sano Napoletano

Gusto Sano Napoletano invites us into their home, in the characteristic area of Montesanto, to discover countless new flavors. By means of cooking classes, guests will learn to combine recipes from the local tradition to obtain the perfect balance between nutrients and prepare healthy but above all tasty dishes. The class will end with a group dinner. For information and booking